Nawazuddin Talks About His Versatility In Movies, Shares Experiences About India Art

Pune : Recently, Nawazuddin appeared in a biopic Manto which stepped in theatres on Friday. He shares his experiences how every art in India recieves moral policing. Nawaz also shared how he felt when seeing his legend being pulled down. 

As most of us have seen, there’s no question in Nawaz’s versatility in his acting. He wears the skin of whatsoever character he plays no matter it’s a lead or supporting. Siddiqui has strong acting skills which makes us feel the character as existing real in front of our eyes, one of the examples had been Netflix series Sacred Games. Yes, talking about his acting as Ganesh Gaitonde is one of his marvelous works. Talking about his Friday release which is on a Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto directed by Nandita Das, Nawaz is playing the character Manto himself and Manto had been recieving elegant response. Reviews had started to build and all praises go to Nawazuddin.

Mid day interviewed him recently about his reactions when his memoir faces problems, to which Siddiqui said he felt quite bad for being judged for stating truth. In a book of 209 pages, the 5 pages talking about his relationship made him face a lot of judgemental comments. Although he admitted that taking direct names might be improper towards others ends as to pushing down the dignitaries, no one actually cared for him in his struggling times and this hurts him. He further said that he’ll make sure he doesn’t state the real truth in his future writings if he does.

Talking about oppressing arts in India due to multiple censors and policing, Nawaz nodded saying “Hmare yahan sach ko support nahi milta, toh uska dum ghutt raha hai. There is no finesse in our art because we don’t give it leeway. In Europe, a filmmaker takes 8-10 years to make a film and when the movie is ready, it’s a masterpiece. People finance films easily here and some become a hit; but are we really putting our heart into it or scrounging for quick bucks? People are thriving on mediocrity. Yes, we are better than we were a few decades earlier. I don’t have the pressure to bring the audience to the theatre for Manto. I did it to satisfy my greed as an actor. I don’t seek satisfaction in reviews or box office; for me, it’s discovering myself. Manto feels like an achievement.”

As interviewed by Pink villa he went on to say that many movies had went in dusts due to their biased critics, had Sacred Games been released as a movie, same dictation would’ve happened to it. However there’s second season of Sacred games coming up and Siddiqui is already locked for it. “Ganesh” is also be working since last month with Rajnikanth in an upcoming movie Thalaivar 165 who’s directed by Kartihk Subbaraj.

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